Barbican Centre


The Barbican Centre, opened in 1982, is the largest performing arts centre in Europe. The appearance of the building is designed on Brutalist architectural style and boasts many gardens. These gardens are, in fact, one epic roof garden showcasing Beech gardens that are provided for residents of the nearby towers, and also available for the public to view. A redesign of the garden was fashioned and created in 2012 by Nigel Dunnet. Together now, with the monochrome geometry of the architecture, are vibrant naturalistic plantings to soften its appearance. The gardens are adorned with sparkling path/walkways and raised beds. The most concealed nursery is a tropical desert garden inside the Centre itself, over the auditorium's fly pinnacle. Covering an area of 1,100 square meters, the Centre is established as London’s second-largest. Comprised of colourful fish and tropical plants that you should explore while having a tea break. Southwest of the Centre is the Lake Terrace, adjoining a long canal. Associated with it are lines of water features.

The Barbican Centre,

Silk Street,


Beech Street,


Admission: Free