Landscaping pitfalls and how to avoid them

Landscaping Tips

  1. A large garden can become merely a lawn whose sole purpose is to provide the mower with exercise! Try dividing the garden into different areas like “The Patio”, “The Water Garden”, “The Herb Garden”, “The Perennial Border” and “The Secret Garden”.
  2. Define your edges. Your garden elements needs to be seperated from one another. So avoid grass growing into flower beds or paths.
  3. Avoid curves in small gardens. A straight path look often has more appeal.
  4. Rock-rimmed garden ponds are old-fashioned. Many alternative and attractive water features are now available.
  5. Strategic lighting does not need to be complicated. Can be low voltage or solar powered. Use it to illuminate special features of the garden, provide lighting to the driveway but do not over do it.
  6. Be selective with your plants. They should be hardy but a little different and slightly exotic. Review yearly.
  7. Ornamental grasses often add contrast to a garden but avoid the temptation of cutting them back in the autumn before you see new growth appear.
  8. Avoid the use of large rocks placed on the landscape; they look better half buried.