Turf is best laid in mid-autumn, but can be laid any time between min-autumn and late winter whenever the soil is not too wet or frosty. in spring and autumn little mowing is needed so newly-laid turf can be left relatively undisturbed for several weeks.

The choices are threefold :

  • lawn seed
  • natural turf
  • artificial turf (Astro Turf)

Lawn seed

We do not cater for this. It is a “do-it-yourself job”, but we can offer some advice:

There are three main blends of grass seeds that will cover your needs for looks and usability. Consider what will your lawn be used for:

  1. Family / Play lawn – do you have children?
  2. Gardener’s lawn – do you want it to look good without too much effort?
  3. Bowling green lawn – how much effort are you prepared to put in to achieve a perfect lawn

Natural Turf

“Instant” lawn that is available for use within about a month.

Parkview can lay a natural turf lawn for you. It requires less watering than seed lawns and doesn’t wash off during heavy rain.

Artificial Turf

Originally used for sports arenas but is now being used for residential lawns. Its main advantages are no watering and no mowing!

Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibres made to look like natural grass.

Parkview, can lay your artificial grass as a substitute for natural turf.

Note that artificial turf can cause abrasions and / or burns to a greater extent than natural grass / turf and tends to retain heat from the sun.