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Rich Habitat Gardens. Modest Conservations

Beautiful, successful gardens don’t grow on trees! They are the result of careful planning, good communication between the designer, contractor and the client, and the result of excellent workmanship. How your driveway, patio, courtyard or terrace is designed into the garden will have an impact on how large and dominant it appears. Plants are used both on or around the area will help disguise the extent of patio, courtyard, terrace or driveway and care should be taken in deciding the ideal size martin will meet to consult with you at your home, at your convenience, to listen to your requirements, ideas and preferences. Taking into consideration your requirements martin can advise on options available to transform your garden into the garden of your dreams

10 year Guarantee

Innovative Patios

Whether if your design desire is modern or rustic, we will have it.

With our broad range of paving products, you will be sure to find the right solution for your garden landscape patio design.

Aesthetic Driveways

Enhance your property with our huge selection of designs to choose from. Fitted by professional builders.

Building Beautiful Brick Walls

For security, borders or just to contain your flowerbeds. Many homes require the use of some sort of retaining within the garden and a wall of some sort is usually the answer. They needn’t just be functional, with curves and clever patterns they can become more than just a wall. Many of our customers with limited mobility have raised flowerbeds so they can continue to enjoy their garden.Quality crafted walling for any sized garden, park or open space.

Fresh Fitted Turfs & Artificial grass

After we have fitted the top quality lawn, we would recommend regular garden maintenance and we can show you how.

Grand Designed Pathways

A pathway or walkway, could be the key for your garden landscape design project.

Our professional builders are here to see that your landscape project idea is fulfilled to completion.

Steps become an exciting focus around your home, with attention to detail being the most important factor.

With such a wide range of step material, it allows us to meet the needs and ideas of most customers. We aim to supply and fit all steps to the highest quality and professionalism leaving our customer with a presentable and well finished step.

What is Landscaping?

Two categories:

  1. hardscape (patios, driveways, ponds, walkways)
  2. softscape (plants)

Planning you garden design

Browse landscape garden pictures on the internet and note down what you like. Look for local landscaping projects to see what works in your area. Research and learn about specific features you would like to have e.g. ponds, birdbaths, statues etc. Plan first and don’t rush into things. Obtain quotes and references from several local companies and try, if possible, to view their work. Various factors could affect the cost including size, features, plants and materials. Consider landscaping in several stages rather then all at once. Remember e.g trees take time to mature.

Pitfalls and how to avoid them

  1. A large garden can become merely a lawn whose sole purpose is to provide the mower with exercise! Try dividing the garden into different areas like “The Patio”, “The Water Garden”, “The Herb Garden”, “The Perennial Border” and “The Secret Garden”.

Parkview Paving & Landscaping started a big Driveway in Gidea Park

We have based the driveway out with stone and compressed it with machinery , then started laying the block edgings on ballast concrete. We have installed cable for lighting.

We have laid all the Indian stone slate on a wet concrete mix, we will be finished next week. Check back in to see the outcome.

This Driveway was completed by Parkview Paving & Landscaping, Black slate with a charcoal boarder. We also installed the lighting, fitted the grass and erected 20 bays of new fencing.

Driveway completed by Parkview Landscapers in Collier Row ...

Parkview Paving & Landscaping - A driveway we started on the 7th of January in Collier Row. Dug out 1 foot added type 1 and erected 4 bays of new fencing in 1 day . More photos to follow through the week of our progress.

The Driveway we started on the 7th, today we have installed bullnose to one side to retain the driveway. We have laid cobble block edging to surround then laid road-mesh metal for extra strength. We have started laying kandla Grey Indian Sandstone and all is laid on a wet concrete mix. We will be finished Friday so come back and see the finished result!

this is the driveway finished in collier row by parkview paving & landscaping this comes with a 10 year guarantee

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